Lake Sunset

"Our real nature and capacities are those of the Being in whom we have been made - not the pale, grey shadow that we experience daily through our attempt at autonomy. The only way to live realistically what we are is to see plainly that we are part of Christ himself and that He has a life to live in us here on earth that will complete His" - Ernest O'Neill

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(10 minutes each)

1. Introduction: "The Bus Ride"
2. We Don't Know Where We're Going
3. Why Are We Alive? The Search for Security
4. We're Unique - Striving to Impress Others for Recognition
5. Searching for Personal Acceptance and Fulfillment
6. Why Are We Alive?
7. Beginning Talks on Order and Design
8. Order and Design: Evolution
9. Order and Design: Problems of Evolution
10. Order and Design: Magnificence of the Universe

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